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Dictionary Merge and Update Operators in Python 3.9

When it comes to merging two dictinaries in Python, I find myself googling “how to merge two dictionaries” very often. Every time I land on this StackOverflow answer. This answers recommends using the dictionary unpacking feature:

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How to Generate Wildcard SSL Certificate using Let’s Encrypt/Certbot on CentOS

Today I wanted to generate a wildcard SSL certificate for a service I was working on. Luckily, Let’s Encrypt’s ACME v2 production endpoint makes it so easy to generate wilcard certificates (for more details on this feature, see this post). Below are the steps I used to generate a wildcard certificate.


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Freedom of Cryptography

Today I learned that if you could travel back to the early 1990s with the contents of this git repository, you would have had to become a licensed arms dealer 😮 —the govt certainly would have denied you an export license— before you could post the source code (or any work that featured the source code) on the internet.

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Function Expressions in JavaScript

I’m currently learning JavaScript, and here are a few things I learned about function expressions in JavaScript ;)

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How to set up a wildcard subdomain on Google Domains

Today, I was working with dokku, and I found myself in need of a wildcard subdomain. A wildcard DNS record is a record that will match requests for non-existent subdomains. For instance, if you set a wildcard DNS record to *, and a user requests or, etc.. the requests will be forwarded to whichever server * points to.

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How to merge two or more disk partitions on Centos 7

I’ve been working with centos 7 virtual machine provisioned via VMware’s vrealize suite. One thing I particulary dislike is how the storage disk gets partitioned into tiny partititions during the VM provisioning:

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