I started using xarray in the summer of 2017. At the time, the latest version was v0.9.5. Today I learned that in its early stages, xarray was called xray (no ties to x-ray machines :)). Once it gained popularity, the core developers decided it was a good idea to rename the package to a more descriptive/neutral name. The following names were considered:

  • pandasnd: pandasnd was abandoned because it promised too much, and the core devs didn’t want to tie xarray to the pandas approach. I wonder if today we would have imported it as:

    import pandasnd as pdnd # 🤔
    # or
    import pandasnd as pdd # 🤔
  • scikit-xray: this one was abandoned because xarray was a better alternative to xray. Here’s a screenshot of some of the discussions about the name change: